Guide for Canadians. Part 1: Crypto Wallet, Earn, CRO & Supercharger. for Canadians – Guide Part 1: Earn, Supercharger, CRO & More

We help Canadian users navigate several functions in the App in the first part of our guide series. is an international cryptocurrency company with a full ecosystem of applications. These include the App, the Exchange, the DeFi Wallet, and more. is available for Canadian users and has recently launched their VISA Card in Canada.

Today, I’ll be providing a walkthrough of several functions of’s mobile app (available for iOS and Android), including it’s Crypto Wallet, Crypto Earn, and Supercharger. I’ll also show users how to unlock their $25 USD signup bonus and give an intro on the company’s CRO token. Because of the wide range of services offers, I’ve chosen to split this guide into multiple parts. Check back for future updates on Pay and the VISA Card, as well as all the services offered on the Exchange.

Disclaimer: Bitcoinadian is not providing any investment advice or recommendations. We are simply reviewing Canadian platforms for investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, not encouraging you to do so. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are inherently risky and volatile assets, so only invest in them if your risk tolerance allows it and you are using funds that you are prepared to potentially lose.

If you’re interested in learning about a specific function of the App, use the following links to jump down to the appropriate section:

Crypto Wallet

Crypto Earn

The CRO Token Supercharger

Unlocking Your Signup Bonus

Before I dive into any of the functions of the App available for Canadians, first it’s important to cover this question.

Is right for me?

Unlike some of the other options I’ve reviewed so far, is a full-service cryptocurrency ecosystem. It competes with companies like Coinbase and Binance. Because these apps have more to offer, they can be a bit intimidating for newer users. When I am talking to friends who are inexperienced with cryptocurrency investing, I usually suggest they start with one of the simpler Canadian options first and eventually graduate up to, once they need something the other apps don’t offer.

If you fall in this camp, check out Shakepay (read my Shakepay Review here) or Newton (read my Newton Review here) first. Both of these apps are a lot less intimidating than and are easier to use right off the bat (plus they’re both Canadian companies!). But, if you have experience already with cryptocurrencies, or if you know you want a certain function or token that the simpler apps don’t offer, then read on and see what can do!

If you know already that you want to get started with, use my referral link to get a $25 USD signup bonus (paid in CRO). I’ll walk through what the CRO token is and how to unlock the bonus below.

Sign up for here:

Crypto Wallet

Funding Your Account

Before getting set up with a crypto wallet for your desired cryptocurrency, you need to fund your account with Canadian dollars. You do this by setting up a Fiat Wallet. The App’s onboarding should help you do this, but in case it doesn’t, you can navigate to the “Accounts” tab (the second button from the left in the bottom menu) and click “Fiat Wallet”. Then click the “Set Up New Currency” button and select CAD.

Once this is set, you can fund your account with an E-Transfer by following your specific deposit instructions. In general, I’ve found these to be accepted and deposited quickly without any issues. There are other funding methods, but I haven’t used them so I’m not going to cover them here.

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency

Once you have CAD in your account, you can start buying your desired cryptocurrencies. has A LOT of options, so make sure you do your research before investing in anything. There are several user flows you can navigate through to buy a specific coin. The simplest is to click on “Crypto Wallet” and then hit the “Buy” button. From here you’ll be prompted with a list you can scroll or search through to find what you want to buy.

Another way to get to this buy screen is from the description page of any of their supported cryptocurrencies. If you were already looking at a specific coin, there should be a “Buy (Blank)” button across the bottom of your app (as long as they support the coin).

Whichever way you used to get to the transaction screen, once you’re there make sure your buy order is set to use funds from your CAD Fiat Wallet. They have other order options, like credit cards, but most Canadian providers don’t support this type transaction, which will lead to an error.

Selling a cryptocurrency uses a very similar flow. Navigate to your Crypto Wallet and click on the currency you’d like to sell. Then hit the sell button and ensure you are selling it into CAD (that is, unless you want to convert it into another cryptocurrency). You can also transfer cryptocurrencies in and out of the app to other wallets.

Important Note: has no fees for buy or sell transactions. Although they don’t publicly state it, there does appear to be a bit of a price spread on some cryptocurrencies. When I compare the price to a known market value, most do appear higher. That being said, I’ve tested this on the Canadian Dollar stablecoin TrueCAD (TCAD) and there are no fees or spreads for that, meaning you can buy and sell it without worry.

Pro Tip: Before deciding to purchase any cryptocurrencies on the App, check out their buy and sell minimums. These vary coin-to-coin and often the buy minimum is less than the sell minimum, so you could be stuck holding the currency or buying more of (or converting it to CRO) if you want to sell.

Crypto Earn

One of the most appealing parts of the app is Crypto Earn. With this product, you can earn interest off of the tokens you hold. For example, if you knew you wanted to hold on to a chunk of Bitcoin for a month, regardless of how the assets price changed, then you could deposit it into a one-month Crypto Earn term deposit and receive interest on your investment.

Important Note: The interest for Crypto Earn is paid out weekly in the cryptocurrency you deposit straight into your Crypto Wallet for that currency. This means that the interest you receive is simple interest, rather than compound interest (more on that below).

Crypto Earn deposits are available in three categories, all based on term length. You can select one of two fixed-term deposits (one-month or three-month) or set up a flexible deposit, which allows you to remove your crypto at any point. The longer you lock up your crypto, the better the interest rate you receive. Below is a table that shows the interest rates for each cryptocurrency available in Crypto Earn. Note that the boosted interest rate for each level requires you to stake CRO at the Royal Indigo/Jade Green tier or above (more on that here).

Cryptocurrency3-Month Term APY1-Month Term APYFlexible APY
TCAD, USDT, USDC, DAI, PAX, TGBP, TUSD, TAUD12% / 10%10% / 8%8% / 6%
BTC6.5% / 4.5%4.5% / 3%2% / 1.5%
CRO6% / 6%4% / 4%2% / 2%
ETH5.5% / 4.5%4.5% / 3.5%3.5% / 2.5%
All Other Supported Currencies: DOT, UNI, XRP, ADA, LTC, BNB, BCH, LINK, XLM, ATOM, EOS, VET, MKR, EGLD, ALGO, COMP, ICON, OMG, BAT, ENJ, MANA, KNC, PAXG, CELR3% / 2%2% / 1%1% / 0.5%
Note: The first quoted APY in each column requires an ongoing stake of 50,000 or more CRO. The second quoted APY in each column is available to all other users.

As I mentioned above, all of these quoted interest rates are simple interest in an annual rate, paid weekly. That being said, there is a way to essentially compound your interest in Crypto Earn. At the end of your deposit term, you receive your investment back into your Crypto Wallet. If you then were to deposit it back into Crypto Earn including the interest you earned, then you are effectively creating a compound interest situation for yourself. You can even set up a series of Crypto Earn deposits that all end at different times (AKA laddering your deposits) to make your “compounding period” shorter.

Just like the transaction minimums in your Crypto Wallet, Crypto Earn also has minimums for deposits. It’s important to check how much of each cryptocurrency you need to set up a deposit. For example, you need 0.025 BTC to set up a Bitcoin Crypto Earn deposit. For Ethereum, on the other hand, you need 1 ETH to deposit it into Crypto Earn. Check out all the Crypto Earn deposit minimums here.

Pro Tip: If you have a chunk of CAD sitting in your Fiat Wallet, you could be earning interest off of it! You can trade your CAD for TrueCAD (TCAD), a Canadian dollar stable coin and deposit it in a flexible Crypto Earn. This gives you 6% interest (or a boosted 8% if you meet the bonus criteria). Just be aware of the transaction minimums (30 TCAD for selling), deposit minimums (350 TCAD), and the bit of extra time you’ll need each time you want to use to purchase other cryptocurrencies.

The CRO Token

The following couple sections require some ownership of’s CRO token in order to take part. CRO is the native token of’s blockchain.

As with all cryptocurrencies, it’s important to consider that the value of the token may decrease (or even go to zero) after you purchase it. Before choosing to purchase CRO in order to take part in Supercharger or get a CRO Visa Card, do your research and make sure you’re comfortable with that investment.

I’m not advocating for the long term value of CRO or even giving my opinion on whether it will go up or down in the near future. But, should you want to use either of the following two functions of the App, at least some CRO ownership is required.

Pro Tip: If you’re holding a small amount of a token and you no longer want it, you have the option of trading it for CRO regardless of the amount you hold. This process, called converting crypto dust, allows you to ignore the transaction minimums I mentioned above (with the important caveat that you can only use this process to get CRO). You can start this process by clicking the button second from right in the top corner while you’re in the Accounts tab. Supercharger

Supercharger is a really interesting part of the App. It’s also available through the online Exchange, but as this guide is focused on the App, I’m only going to outline the Supercharger experience from an App user’s perspective.

Supercharger is’s version of token farming. A popular concept in many Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications, token or yield farming allows a user to earn a token for staking a token they already own in a certain protocol. Supercharger borrows many structural elements from the DeFi yield farming setup, but in a centralized application (arguably making it easier to understand and interact with).

Let’s break yield farming down a bit, using Supercharger as our example. To participate in Supercharger, you first need to own some CRO tokens. Once you have these, you can deposit them into the current SuperCharger pool. For the amount of time your CRO tokens are in the pool (you can withdraw them at any point) you are entitled to a portion of the pool’s reward (equivalent to how much of the total pool you contributed). After the pool’s 30-day “charging period” is finished, rewards are paid out to participants in daily portions for 30 days. Note that Supercharger rewards are paid out into a user’s Exchange account. Make sure you set this up and link the two accounts prior to your first reward distribution.

So far, has had one pool running at once, each focused around a different token. The current pool (at the time of writing) is for the Near Protocol’s NEAR token. Previously, they have had Supercharger events for UNI, DOT, ZIL, and even BTC.

Important Note: You need to accept your reward distribution after the charging period is complete. If you forget to do this until after the reward period starts, you will actually forfeit some of your reward.

Pro Tip: will roll your CRO deposit over into its next Supercharger event. No need to withdraw and re-deposit your CRO!

Unlocking Your Signup Bonus

The last thing I’ll cover in part one of my for Canadians guide is their referral offer that you can get if you sign up with my referral code (using the link below). Unlike some of the other options I’ve reviewed, has a few extra steps you need to take in order to receive your bonus.

What is the Referral Bonus? is offering anyone who signs up through my referral link a $25 USD bonus, paid in CRO tokens.

How do I get the Referral Bonus?

In order to unlock your signup bonus, first you’ll need to register through the link below and complete your account verification. Then, you need to complete the registration for one of’s metal VISA cards at the Ruby Steel tier or higher. This includes purchasing and staking the required amount of CRO for the tier you select. This means locking up the CRO tokens for at least 180 days.

Important Note: If you choose the Royal Indigo/Jade Green tier or above, you’ll earn 10% interest on the staked amount AND unlock the boosted interest rates I mentioned above in Crypto Earn. recently announced that they are updating their staking requirements. Starting March 19, 2021 the amount required for each tier will be determined by a CAD equivalent, rather than a set number of CRO tokens. This decision was made to account for fluctuations in CRO’s value. You can read more about the new levels in their recent blog announcement. Until then, you can stake using the quoted CRO levels.

The VISA card comes with lots of benefits that I’ll cover in the next part of this series. Plus it’s super cool that it’s a metal card! My Royal Indigo VISA Card recently shipped, so I’m looking forward to getting it and trying it out.

If you’re ready to get started with the App and get your $25 USD valued referral bonus, sign up today using the following link:


That concludes Part 1 of my for Canadians guide. I hope you enjoyed learning about the App’s Crypto Wallets, Crypto Earn, the CRO token, Supercharger, and the signup bonus available to you. Check back soon for future parts of this guide and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: Bitcoinadian is not providing any investment advice or recommendations. We are simply reviewing Canadian platforms for investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, not encouraging you to do so. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are inherently risky and volatile assets, so only invest in them if your risk tolerance allows it and you are using funds that you are prepared to potentially lose.